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Book on Haskell and Financial Mathematics

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Most probably, you’ve noticed the blog was not updated last year. I’ve been writing a book about programming and financial mathematics.

It was not easy for me. When I got a proposal to write a book in this area, I was hesitating if it is something I was able to cope with. For fresh writer it is a daunting task as you should go under the schedule and try to write consistently, every day, at least half page of text. Some parts of book were easy to write as I already wrote about these topics. Some were awful to accomplish as I did not really understand how to explain math and its links to Haskell with a plain and clear language.

I’m quite sure that now I will start again writing this blog, though the new projects are quite far from financial math now but they are still in math and big data projects. Please, also check our new company website to see what is in progress now.

But finally it is out and available in book stores like Amazon, O’Reilly or Safari Book store:

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October 30, 2013 at 09:55

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